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OmniAssureTM 2.0 XS MultiSmart Readers

The Honeywell OmniAssure 2.0 XS MultiSmart readers provides a flexible range of access control readers for reading high frequency 13.56 MHz and low frequency 125 kHz Prox credentials. Honeywell OmniAssure 2.0 XS readers come with and without PIN keypad, with software controlled interface for Wiegand, Clock and Data, TTL and RS485. The field programmable capabilities future proof your investment. 

Technologies Honeywell OmniAssure 2.0 XS MultiSmart readers support:

• ISO14443-3A: MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE Ultralight®.

• ISO14443-4A: MIFARE DESFire® EV1, EV2 and V0.6, SmartMX.

• ISO14443-4B: Infineon, Atmel and STMicroelectronics.

• NFC: Peer-to-peer and support for passive credentials and devices.

• Low Frequency - LF Prox: EM4102 and credentials programmed for HID®, AWID®, QuadraKey and GE/CASI® ProxLite® LF Proximity credentials.

Output Protocols Honeywell OmniAssure 2.0 XS readers are configurable for OSDP including Secure Channel or traditional access control: Wiegand, Clock & Data, TTL.

Multi-Credential Capabilities The Honeywell OmniAssure 2.0 XS MultiSmart reader can be configured to support up to five different credential sets with up to two low frequency credentials. Each set defines: credential type, input data handling, output data format. This feature enables the use of a mixed credential population with different credential types, data encodings and security settings, making the MultiSmart XS ideal for transitioning credential populations to new systems. 

Honeywell OmniAssure 2.0 XS PIN Readers Honeywell OmniAssure 2.0 XS readers with PIN keypad provide a 3 x 4 matrix in a mullion style housing with back lighted symbols. Back lighting is initiated by either pressing a key or presenting a credential. PIN code entry is configurable from one to twelve digits. Honeywell OmniAssure 2.0 XS PIN readers support customer defined PIN codes. The back lighted feature allows for installation and use in low-light environments.

In Field Programmable Honeywell OmniAssure 2.0 XS MultiSmart readers are field programmable. Dismounting of readers is not required with contactless programming cards. Field programming allows changes to the function of the reader, adoption to changing security requirements, and loading of new firmware with new technologies and features.

Credential Handling Credential handling is performed in transparent or reader mode. In transparent mode the reader creates the requested output based on information in default credentials. In reader mode, the requested output is created via programmable parameters that control the operation of the highly flexible read and data engines of the reader. 

Security Features Honeywell OmniAssure 2.0 XS readers provide standard security features:

• Tamper Detection: To detect opening of the reader housing, signaling is provided through customer defined actions.

• Key Store: Each reader contains uniquely AES encrypted key storage for reader and credential security keys.

• Key Diversification: Available on all supported technologies to provide higher security by uniquely securing the data on the credential.

OT31BHONCSQT - OmniAssure™ 2.0 XS

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