• LNL-1200-16DO - Output Control Module 12 VDC

All boards in the Lenel M Series have been designed to facilitate the migration of legacy Picture Perfect, FCWnx, or Secure Perfect Systems to Lenel’s OnGuard® System. The Lenel M Series boards provide a one-for-one, plug-compatible, OnGuard-ready replacement for Legacy CASI M5 and M3000 boards. The migration is a straightforward process of powering down the legacy controller, unplugging field wiring from legacy boards, removing legacy boards, inserting new Lenel M Series boards, plugging in field wiring, and powering up new controller which communicates to the OnGuard System.

The LNL-1200-16DO is the replacement for the legacy CASI 16DO board (PN:110071001). The LNL-1200-16DO supports 16 open collector outputs. 12/24 VDC can be externally supplied to the board, and used to trigger relays or drive low voltage/low amperage devices. Note: Each LNL-1200-16DO uses one board address. 

Lenel M Series Boards are Mercury Authentic, which means they are manufactured by, and conform to, Mercury Security SDK. 

Legacy CASI M Series Boards cannot be mixed with Lenel M Series Boards. If converting M5 or M3000 controller to Lenel M Series, then all boards in that controller must be converted to Lenel M Series.


• Mercury Hardware for OnGuard, redesign to retrofit into Legacy CASI Controllers

• Replaces CASI 16DO, field wiring plug compatible

• Supports 16 Open Collector Outputs, for controlling relays for control devices (horns, lights, barriers, etc).

• Mercury Authentic Hardware

LNL-1200-16DO - Output Control Module 12 VDC

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