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All boards in the Lenel M Series have been designed to facilitate the migration of legacy Picture Perfect, FCWnx, or Secure Perfect Systems to Lenel’s OnGuard® System. The Lenel M Series boards provide a one-for-one, plug-compatible, OnGuard-ready replacement for Legacy CASI M5 and M3000 boards. The migration is a straightforward process of powering down the legacy controller, unplugging field wiring from legacy boards, removing legacy boards, inserting new Lenel M Series boards, plugging in field wiring, and powering up new controller which communicates to the OnGuard System.

The LNL-1320-2RP is the replacement for the legacy CASI 2RP board (PN:110063001). The LNL-1320-2RP supports the same readers as the legacy CASI 2RP, Wiegand, Clock and Data or Supervised F2F, as well as the same terminations for door contacts, request to exit devices and door strikes. Like the Legacy 2RP, the LNL-1320-2RP requires the Door Contacts and Request to Exit devices be unsupervised contacts.

Note: Each LNL-1320-2RP uses one board address.

Lenel M Series Boards are Mercury Authentic, which means they are manufactured by, and conform to, Mercury Security SDK. 

Legacy CASI M Series Boards cannot be mixed with Lenel M Series Boards. If converting M5 or M3000 controller to Lenel M Series, then all boards in that controller must be converted to Lenel M Series.


• Mercury Hardware for OnGuard, redesign to retrofit into Legacy CASI Controllers

• Replaces CASI 2RP

• Supports Wiegand, Clock and Data, or Supervised F2F Reader Communications

• Mercury Authentic Hardware

LNL-1320-2RP -

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